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Services: Thermography

Preventative Maintenance 

Thermography refers to the science of measuring temperature. It is used in the electrical contracting field to detect problems via measuring heat. For example, loose wires on a circuit breaker are detected at higher heats. 

Thermography is used as a preventative maintenance tool; it is a safe way for problems to be detected without having to touch anything an/or shut any circuits down. 

Examples of Thermography



This image is showing that there is a higher amperage running through the circuit. When we see this, we measure the current and check the termination to see if a connection is tight and then use an amp probe to measure the current. If the current is too high for the circuit, a problem has been detected.   This image demonstrates the temperature range that can be detected by using Thermography. The higher heat represents a higher current in the wires. The image shown is measuring a 500amp ATS - something that would be very dangerous to measure without the use of Thermography.