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Services: Generator Install and Rental

Back up Generator Power

BG Electric install and can provide rental generators whatever the size of your project. 

We can install or provide rental units and operate a full range of generator sizes and types, from diesel  generators, silent generators to small, portable generators. 

Our team here at BG Electric will be pleased to offer advice on exactly what generator you will need depending on your circumstances.

These factors are almost always case specific and will be proportional to the size and nature of your business environment. 
Permanent Generator Installation

It is always important to take into consideration the following facts:
  • Why do you need a generator?
  • What is the scope of your power needs?
  • What is the relative importance of your load?
  • What type of generator will suit your business needs?
  • What is the importance, in terms of cost, of business continuity?
  • Can your business support the physical requirements of a generator?
It is imperative to assess your needs and your constraints before making the decision on which generator you will need. 

  • Authorized Generac Dealer
  • Authorized Kohler Dealer
  • Qualified Generac Service Technician
  • Generac Service Dealer
  • Kohler Service Tech