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intelligent building Management Systems

Intelligent building management systems (iBMS) deliver reliable and efficient commercial building management. Built on open, standards-based technology, iBMS allow integration of all building systems into a single network including: 

  • Schedule-based Heating, Ventilation, Cooling & Lighting Systems
  • Occupancy-based environmental controls 
  • Night Setback/Ventilation Purge
  • Variable Air Volume (AVA) Pressure & Flow Control 
  • Advanced Alarm Management 
  • Economizer Control 

Management of the building is simplified with easy management from a single software platform. iBMS deliver capabilities like complex data analysis and detailed consumption trend reporting while integrating consumption and installation control features. iBMS can be used to manage systems at multiple sites from one platform. 

A single local or web-based user interface provides a complete view of all systems, including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, energy consumption, access control, video surveillance, intrusion, fire and smoke detection, electrical distribution, power quality, and monitoring.

iBMS has many benfits to your company. By installtion iBMS, your building and business performance can increase by up to 30% including: 

  • Lowering Energy Costs 
  • Eliminating Unnecessary Complexity with One Single Software Platform 
  • Reducing Operating Costs by up to 36%